I am the pinay VA

Some people still find it hard to believe that I am a stay-at-home mom who is earning more than the average worker. Traditionally, in order to earn a living you need to go to the office,so you dress up, travel, and enslave all day at your desk; however, times have changed all that. Technology has brought a different meaning to the term “workplace.”

My workplace could be any place, as long as I stay virtually connected (I can still remember a time when a friend of mine told me to put my classroom down, referring to the bag containing my laptop.) If you’ll ask me to list the benefits I get from working untethered I could come up with a long list of perks, however, let’s just discuss its drawbacks.


When you set your heart into becoming one, just remember that in order to achieve your goal, you need to make sacrifices. It does not have the stability that a normal job has, so never expect to work for the same boss or company for a very long period of time, but who knows you just might get lucky. In thisImage industry, you and you alone have the responsibility of maintaining the stability of your job,your credibility will always precedes you.

I work at home, a fact that I would always be proud of, because it’s not an easy job. I do not just compete with people who are in the same geographic location as I am–I have to compete with the world, and I always need to be in a winning form.

Sadly, as a freelancer no company would spend money on my training, thus, I have to hone my talent that only way I know how–train myself to be competitive. In this respect, my most powerful ally is the Google search engine–I spend hours and hours of my life typing keywords just to find data for my professional enrichment. I have accumulated materials on how to do SEO, Joomla, WordPress, Hootsuite, HTML, and the like (I just hope I would get around to reading all of them.) At this point, I want to learn how to be a webmaster–to give me the added edge I need to get a head start in this business.

I am THE FILIPINA VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, and I am here to stay.